Why Are Area Rugs Hard To Clean?

Because of the dense pile construction of area rugs, dirt particles will work their way down into the fibers.  And into the backing foundation of the rug where the dirt can’t be removed by regular vacuuming.

The loose grit wears on the rug’s delicate fibers, causing a cutting abrasive action as you walk on the rug.  Abrasion makes for fiber loss (wear) and soil stains being embedded in the rug.

Other types of soil such as food particles and pet oils “hide” in the dense pile.  This creates an ideal haven for germs, bacteria and dust mites.  (Yuck!)

Dust mites are too small to be seen but are the most common cause of year long allergy and asthma problems.   They live in mattresses, pillows, carpets, rugs, furniture, bedcovers and clothes—anywhere they can feed on dead flakes of human skin.

All pollutants in your rugs should be removed by professional cleaning on a regular basis to keep your rugs “healthy”.

At TCM Restoration & Cleaning we use a very thorough, high volume & clear water rinse extraction process.   The amount of water we use to clean area rugs is directly proportional to the amount of soil removed in the rinsing process.  

If you are in the Anchorage or Mat Su Valley call us and we can pick up and schedule your fine rug cleaning.   907-562-7410 or 907-373-7410.

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